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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  October 18, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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burkus talks about what to put in your bedroom with dr. ruth says what to do in it. >> only on current tv.
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♪ let's vote for the man ♪ who got osama ♪ forward ♪ and away we go ♪ >> cenk: that's bruce springsteen at a rally, a new song he came up for president obama. not his best work if you ask me, but he was at a free rally with president bill clinton, and our ben mankiewicz was there to cover it. he's now outside of cleveland ben, how are you and how was that rally? >> it was great. bill clinton gave the same kind of speech that he gave at the convention. we went to the math. he used numbers. bill clinton makes the case for mitt romney or barack obama you think who in their right mind is voting for mitt romney. he breaks it down and makes it easily understandable, and then
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introduced bruce springsteen. he did five songs plus that real thing. that was not a real song. >> cenk: yeah, we have clinton on tape. he's so good at it. he has the folksy thing. >> mr. romney says i'm gonna do all this. i'm gonna cut taxes just for the middle class. i'm not interested in rich people. they'll pay the same percentage of tax that they pay now. he thinks we're dumb. we keep saying, show us your budget. where are your numbers? the president has given you a budget. this guy ran bain capital, and he's a business guy and he's hiding his budget? that ought to tell you something. >> cenk: i love what he does with the glasses. he's awesome. and then bruce also made a case, right, for the president. >> yes, that's right. bruce--go ahead. >> cenk: let me show that tape, and let's talk about both.
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here is bruce making the case. >> i get to speak after president clinton. that's like i'm going on after elvis. if he would have brought the saxophone, i was going to-- [ cheering ] if he only had brought that saxophone you would have seen a real jam up here. >> voting matters. elections matter. think of the events of the last 12 years and try to convince yourself that they don't. i'm coming here today because i'm thankful for universal healthcare. the lack of which--the lack of which was for so long an embarrassment for our country. i'm thankful for a more regulated wall street. i'm thankful g.m. is still making cars. what else would i write about? i'd have no job without that. >> cenk: all right now i know how much you love bruce springsteen there.
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what do you think brought him more solidly on board for the president? you there was support for john kerry. and clearly he was an obama supporter but didn't seem to be interested in taking on an active role in the campaign. one of the things that bothered him was he didn't feel that obama was tough enough on wall street. he thought that although he was in favor of healthcare he thought there should be a public option, he was a little--his support was qualified. but i think that the voters suppression efforts by republicans in states across the country, i think that gets guys like me and like you and like bruce springsteen angry. i think that's what brought it out. i wish obama had been stronger, but you can't support these guys who are trying to take the vote
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away from americans. >> bruce's last album "the wrecking ball" how bankers brought death to his hometown. he said, big business still has too much say in government and there, there have not been as many middle- or working-class voices in the administration as i expected. this is what swung him right now the oppositions resort to voter suppression in so many states is not receiving as much attention as it deserves. he goes on and on to talk about that in an editorial. you're absolutely right about that. ben, you talked to folks who were at that event right? >> yeah, did i. i went to the event. obviously you're there. it's a rally but it's a little bit of a special rally because you have bruce springsteen. "the wrecking ball" tour has taken a month off, and so it was
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just bruce introduced by bill clinton, and the crowd lapped it up. it's a mixed crowd because i got to be pleased to see as a springsteen fan and obama supporter, a lot of young people in the crowd. i was eagle for talk to them, and they were less eager to talk to me. >> before you were born when bill clinton was running for president, he went on the arsenio hall show whose hair was not dissimilar to yours and he played the saxophone. do you know about that? >> yes. >> how does that get into a young person's consciousness. >> i'm a saxophone player myself, i spent time just looking up videos, and i came across it one day. >> i was waiting the whole time bruce was playing to see bill clinton come out in a hawaiian shirt, sunglasses and play the saxophone. >> i was too. i'm really kind of disappoint. bruce is great. he is the boss. but hey, if we could have had bill saxophone and hawaiian shirt, it would have made the
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day uber perfect. >> bill clinton is one of my favorite presidents from the modern era. he balanced the budget. he worked with the other side, and he made america a better place to live in the 90s. >> what kind of 18-year-old are you? >> a smart one. >> i'm thinking of voting for romney i'm so irritated. >> no, no, no, no, no no, no romney move forward forward. >> cenk: i think she was clear on that, ben. >> yeah, she was definitely very clear on that. i don't know what possessed me to say that the kid had hair like arsenio hall. i instantly regretted that, but not so much that we didn't put it on television. >> cenk: that's true. you're the one who talk about hair with hair all over the place in that video. any way so you have undecided voters in ohio, i understand? >> yeah, i ran into a couple. they're just friends just to be clear, just friends and one of them was a romney supporter and
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one was an obama supporter. they both had gone to the rally and i said perhaps illegally persuading them to vote one specific way. >> she she. >> get out of town. >> she's a romney supporter. >> and he's the firefighter. >> i'm the obama supporter. >> did we win you over today? >> you know, you made have swayed me a little bit. >> by wait, this looks really nice on you. i like it. >> is it like chic and l.a. >> yes, any other buttering up i can do? >> no, you could buy me something at the bakery. that's where we're heading. >> let's go. come on, this is ohio. man, this is important. >> a couple of these turnovers a couple of cupcakes. >> here you go. >> thank you. >> do we have you? >> let me have one of these red velvet cupcakes and i'll tell you, yeah.
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>> but it's under consideration. >> absolutely. >> cenk: she was not a cheap vote. i like how she went back for the red velvet cupcake. >> by the way that place was called baker's bakery, which i enjoyed. and i'm curious whether buying somebody $9.40 worth of cupcakes trying to get their vote violates election laws. we should look into it. >> cenk: perhaps you should have looked into it earlier. but here's what is happening right now. republicans are looking into it because you know if they loss, it's that ben mankiewicz on current tv. the red velvet cupcake! >> if republicans uncover anything it will be the first time that they actually ever found voter fraud. >> cenk: yeah, well that's actually not entirely true. nathan has been doing a tremendous amount of voteer fraud in favor of the republicans. randomly today nathan, the guy
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who was paid $21 million by republicans to basicallyter up democratic registration forms fill out the wrong addresses so they couldn't vote when they got in the voting booth. we found out today that shocking shockingly enough his office is the same as karl rove of american crossroads. >> the republicans must be so paid by that completely random coincidence. >> cenk: one last thing. you're in ohio. did you see the ads? i know you're in one place. did you get a sense of where the state is? make something up. >> well, i mean, i'm sure you saw the poll today, and thankfully it's a poll that at least seems to be opposite or not--it does not bear the same pattern as that horrible gallup poll that has romney up seven and obama up three. this is a split state and the
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amount of money poured into the state, these poor ohioans these poor buck i i buckeyes, they have to watch the ads again and again ad after ad, we talked about voters about that coming up on tomorrow's show. i believe the state is split and if you believe the polling obama is slightly ahead. if you look at that gallup poll that has romney up seven you wonder are all those votes coming from texas? hopefully it's an outlier but its alarming. >> cenk: it's definitely an outlier. we'll keep tabs on it. as ben said he'll be on the show tomorrow breaking down ohio for us. thank you, ben. and i was kidding about your hair. it looked gorgeous. >> okay. >> cenk: now when we come back, i'm going to switch moves. the bankers getting away with financial crimes is one thing. now a banker stabbed a cabbie,
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and they just dropped the charges. i'm live you had about it. >> all victims of connecticut decisions. >> now the criminal case before a bigwig banker accused of stabbing a taxi driver has been thrown out. >> cenk: and do you remember john hurt in "home alone" and 28 other movies you've seen, he is now in a movie about healthcare. he's in the studio, and we'll talk to him later in the show, too. >> you're telling me that i'm too poor to pay for health insurance and i'm too rich to medicaid. >> and too young for medicare. you've fallen in between the cracks. democracy. build a ground-breaking car.
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>> cenk: now let me start with my favorite clip from the last debate when president obama said this. >> obama: know romney said he had a five-point plan. governor romney does not have a five-point plan. he has an one-point paint. that plan is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules. >> cenk: boy did he nail it. we know that bankers play by a different set of rules when they deal with financial fraud. well, we don't look back, we look forward. and none of the top executives went to jail whether under bush or obama. that's one thing to get away with white white-collar crime. but this banker going to his home in connecticut after by his own admission he had been drinking throughout the day. >> it happened when william jennings arrived in a cab in front of his $3.5 million. he said the fare was $200. and normally it was $150 and he refused to pay.
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the cappy said he locked the doors and drove away with jennings in the cab. the cappy said he was looking for a police officer. and jennings pulled out a penknife. >> it required stitches, i know he was treated here by the local ems 12347 the police charged jennings with assault, theft and hate crime because he told the middle eastern cabbie to go back to his own country. >> cenk: that's an exact quote. according to the cabbie he said, i'm going to kill you. you should go back to your country. forget the hate crime part of it although you shouldn't forget that, but he said, i'm going to kill you and then stabs the guy. the cabbie said he tried to stab him in the neck and he blocked it with his hand. no one disputes that he pulled a knife. but the cops wouldn't do anything to him because he pays $10,000 in taxes. you want to
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talk about a sense of entitlement. i'm rich, and i've a $3.5 million house, i can stab you all i like. you know what they did today? dropped the charges. local report. >> in queens a cabbie anger and frustrateed. >> it's unfair. i swear to god, it's really unfair. >> in stamford a banker thankful and relieved. >> i don't have a lot to say about the case beyond the fact that the outcome speaks for itself. >> connecticut prosecutor dropped theft assault and hate crime charges against william brian jennings. >> cenk: okay, now look, you can have a dispute as to what the fare should be and he only wanted to pay $50 for a ride all the way out to connecticut. i don't know who is right about that. and then the prosecutor is also said something about the knife and here, let the news report explain that to you.
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>> prosecutors refused to move forward with the case because the cabbie concealed evidence, specifically the knife allegedly used in the attack. but the attorney said his client didn't conceal the knife. he just didn't know he had it until weeks later when he noticed something in his cab. >> prosecutors told him last week the case would proceed even though they knew about the knife five months ago. furthermore the lawyer claimed the discovery of the knife does not compromise or change the facts of the case. >> cenk: who cares! the guy was stabbed. it's not like that was in dispute. he found the knife too late--no, that's an excuse because the rich guy has a lot of lawyers. he has all those lawyers because he makes $2 million or used to. as a banker. he has the story the $3.5 million house. he pays taxes. he has all the advantages. he can stab you all you like. if the muslim cabbie tried to
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stab the banker in the neck and said he wouldn't get any jail time? well the banker found the knife too late this, that, an excuse, and i didn't know who to believe about i fare, i'll just let him go. there is a chance that he would be in guantanamo bay right now. this is nonsense. it makes me mad because they do have two different sets of laws. it's okay to buy a $3.5 million house. i don't have anything against the rich. but it's not okay to have a different justice system. when we come back john hurt has a new movie out that talks about healthcare and how we're screwed on that, too. >> what are you going to do, walter. >> yeah, what are you going to do walter, rob a bank? >> cenk: and there he is at the wall. hey, we'll talk to him in just a minute. come right back. (vo) during the debates, it's hard to know what candidates are thinking. unless, of course you've stood at the podium
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yourself. with governors granholm, spitzer, and vice president gore, watch the only truly experienced presidential debate coverage.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: now you all know john hurt. he has been in about 28 movies that you've watched. "the pelican brief" ; "home alone," and now he has a new movie called "stealing roses." john, great to have you here. >> thanks, glad to be here. >> cenk: now it's about a family stuck in a healthcare situation that a lot of us have dwelt with. i'll play your clip, and then your family after you find out that your wife has cancer. >> how much did you earn last year gross. >> $17,000, you're right. that is pretty gross.
4:48 pm
>> no, that's too much. >> what? >> you can't makeover $13,000. >> what does that mean? just like that, i don't qualify? >> no. >> but you're telling me i'm too poor to pay for health insurance and i'm too rich to get medicaid. >> and too young to qualify for medicare. you're caught in between the cracks. it happens a lot these days. [ coughing ] >> cenk: john, the republicans what are you talking about, we have the number one healthcare in the country. leave it alone. but this happens to a lot of folks. >> as far as, i mean, yeah. >> cenk: what is your view on the healthcare system in this country? >> i like the single payer thing. then i saw that get compromised--it's kind of like when we were making this. the guy from montana who is the chairman of the thing sold out to the insurance companies and obama dropped it, and everybody was upset. it was during the period in the
4:49 pm
first two years when people were upset with him. >> cenk: that was max baucus who designed it. >> yes. >> cenk: you were kind of like bruce springsteen. you're disillusionsed that obama wasn't as progressive. >> i'm a lot like bruce springsteen. >> cenk: you play the guitar. >> yeah. >> cenk: i'm going to play a clip from mitt romney talking about the healthcare. >> we do provide care for people ho don't have insurance. people--if someone has a heart attack, they don't sit in their apartment and die. we pick them up in an ambulance take them to the hospital and give them care, and different states have different ways of providing for that care. >> cenk: john, is he right? if we have ambulances that take you to the hospital, what more do you need? >> i don't know. i think there are a lot of people ho don't have health insurance, don't want health insurance. my confusion is always--richard
4:50 pm
nixon initiated health insurance to make a profit. he said if it makes a profit it's a good thing. i don't know if that profit incentive vis-a-vis how they chartcharacterize it, or the anti-government thing or entrepreneur thing balances out. i don't want to be disengenius but i don't understand it. i support t but i don't understand obama-care. >> cenk: i think you're having a lot of issues that the progressives have. i don't want to be mandated. that was literally from richard nixon and the heritage foundation and mitt romney. then they call him a socialist any way. >> yeah, well. >> cenk: these where the confusion comes in. they call him a socialist no matter what. >> they call him a lot of things. >> cenk: yeah, any other issue that moves you politically where
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you get worked up. >> yeah, corporate. i mean, i think there should be a third party in america called the corporation party. we need to stop pitting democrat against democrat against republican. if people really believe that corporations are operating in the public interest and serving the needs of the nation then they should vote corporately and quit muddying the waters between the two parties. >> cenk: i thought you were going to go the other direction and say anti-corporate parties because we already have two corporate parties. >> yes, that's what i mean. call a spade a spade. you're a corporate person, you believe in nike you like boeing and the military and plundering, then vote corporation. >> it will be like nascar drivers, this is the candidate for lockheed martin. john hurt, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. eliot spitzer is up next for
4:52 pm
"viewpoint." what do you have for us? >> eliot: we're going to have a great show. the gender divide. we had a year of the war on women and everything from the president on down presumed he would have a ten-point margin among female voters. suddenly it's gone. where did it go? it's the mystery of the moment. we'll be chatting about that. the issue of corporate leaders employers dictating to their employees for whom they should vote. is it constitutional legal good bad exercising free speech or something worse than that. and then a decision out, a great victim for the--a great victory for the cause of civil rights. >> cenk: we'll be looking forward to it. >> eliot: thank you, and congratulation as soon as thank you. on the kid, i know, thank you so much. when we come back, kid or not i'm dropping elbows. we'll show you who when we return. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset.
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they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot. [ male announcer ] clay matthews is turning the nfl upside-down.
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what happens which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense from td ameritrade. 1c >> cenk: the guy that put together obama 2016, the guy that tries to scare you. he got called out on a being a giant hypocrite. why did you never cry about the $2.5 trillion you added to the deficit for the tax cuts for the rich who paid you at the american enterprise institute who paid you at the hoover institution, who now pay you at the kings college? >> dreams from my father are the dreams that i obama got from my dad. >> how far up your ass do you have to go to full that out? >> cenk: here's what i love. i mentioned kings college in that rant. he's the president of king's
4:56 pm
college or i should say was. he goes to an event where they're promoting christian values a christian college. shows up with someone who is not his wife. they go to a hotel room together. one of the staffers drops him off and picks up him at 6:00 in the morning. his name is -- it isn't mrs. d'souza. the college board reconsiders. "in the meantime, be assured we're taking seriously our charge to teach a compelling world view rooted in the bible and expect all of our leaders to model christian character and integrity in their public and private lives." that's when they were reconsidering. well, they're done reconsidering. they now say god has a mighty future for dinner but there are some things he has to go through first. including getting his ass out of here! so dines d'souza resigning from
4:57 pm
king's college. >> after careful consultation, we have allowed him to resign. we thank you for his service and significant contributions to the college over the last two years and welcome his ass right out the door. and there's -- watch out! good night everybody. >> eliot: good evening. i'm eliot spitzer. this is "viewpoint." 2012 has been highlighted by democratic claims of a republican war on women. transvaginal ultrasounds refusing coverage of birth control and of course, todd akin's deplorable comments. despite this women's issues have almost been lost in the campaign issue finally servicing in a small way in tuesday's debate. that small mention did little to help the
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